Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Choices for Anti-Inflammatory Diet

  • The anti-inflammatory diet is an eating pattern that combines healthy components of traditional Mediterranean and Asian dietary patterns to maximize the healing potential of foods
  • The philosophical basis for the anti-inflammatory diet is the increase of beneficial anti-inflammatory foods and reduction of pro-inflammatory foods.
  • The anti-inflammatory diet pattern is a critical foundation for prevention of long-term disease.

Here is a list of examples that you might consider when making dietary changes:

  • Choose whole, unprocessed foods
  • Shop at farmers markets
  • Increase your daily intake of vegetables and fruit
  • Begin or end each meal with a salad
  • Replace sugary drinks with clean water and healthy teas
  • Increase the quality of protein intake — add more plant-based proteins and consider the source and quality of animal proteins
  • Add whole grains to the meal
  • Eat more legumes
  • Eliminate trans fat intake
  • Use healthy fats in sensible proportions (emphasize poly and monounsaturated, with saturated fats in moderation)
  • Include avocado, nuts and seeds in sensible portions
  • Incorporate cold water fish like sockeye salmon
  • Increase organic non-GMO whole soy foods
  • Eat a variety of cooked Asian mushrooms
  • Increase the use of spices, decrease salt
  • Cook most meals with a quality organic, expeller pressed extra virgin olive oil
  • Eat mindfully and consider portion size at every meal
  • Discuss the AI diet with family members and involve them in healthy meal planning
  • Find new easy recipes that adhere to the principles of the AI or Mediterranean diet and involve children in meal preparation
  • Start a backyard garden or get involved in a school garden to reinforce the importance of organically grown seasonal vegetables

There are many more ways to begin eating a healthier, more anti-inflammatory diet. Choose one or two changes that will work best for you and use them regularly for 2-3 weeks. Don’t try to make too many changes at once. Keep mealtimes enjoyable. Turn electronics off.

Adapted from Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine – IMR – Family Medicine 2018